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If you still need help, check out our Smartguide.

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Once you have registered, you can login and begin using MyNESLab!

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For your students

Please provide your students with the following information to help them register:


For more information about student registration and login, see our Student Support page, or download our “how to register” guide to hand out on the first day of class.

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Search FAQs in our Online Knowledgebase

Have a question about getting started with MyNESLab, or have a support issue? Start by searching Frequently Asked Questions in our Online Knowledgebase.

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Contact Customer Technical Support

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Visit our Customer Technical Support website at

Here you can:

Visit for chat support hours.

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Find Your Pearson Representative

If you would like to learn more about The NES NES Prep Study Guide, please contact your Pearson representative.

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